Why Use EnKryptonite?

With the ever increasing frequency of personal data security breaches, it is imperative to protect your personal information. The need to use a encryption method is crucial.

The main objective in developing EnKryptonite was to provide a means for the millions of mobile device users to apply military grade encryption with No trace during their daily communicate. When using the EnKryptonite application you can securely send text messages from all your mobile devices. Leaving behind No trace, No history of Calls.

No more fear of eavesdropping by NSA, jealous partners, over protective employers, who surf the internet & social media to search for negative information prior to offering employment.

Hospitals, medical institutions or their legal Administrator, can no longer fear violating HIPAA compliance regulations.

Prior to the arrival of EnKryptonite, only closed looped or "app to app" encryption was available but it was clumsy and limited to chat application.

EnKryptonite with employed military grade cryptography maintains your communications very "PRIVATE". Each communication is encrypted on your device prior to being sent to the recipient of your choice. The EnKryptonite app employs a multilayered security protocol in addition to the military grade encryption. In simple terms, sleep tight and feel confident that what happens through EnKryptonite stays within EnKryptonite.

Android, iOS,

The apps for iOS and Android are available at no charge from the App Store and Google Play.

Total Encryption with No Trace, No History

Total encryption means you can securely send text messages containing any private information by adding extra layer of military-grade security. Which means, no more prying eyes and data breaches.

Secure document storage

Each message is encrypted except during the actual act of viewing by the recipient. To decrypt and display the message, the recipient must also have the EnKryptonite Application which is the only way to view the encrypted message. Additional layers of security can further protect the information with Security Passcode, Decryption Passcode and Touch ID/or Finger Print.

Control Views

"The number of allowed views for your sent message is under your control." The sender of a message can assign (a number of times) a message can be viewed. Once the message has reached it's view limit, it can no longer be read.

Corporate/Organizational Use

Companies can simply require the use of an encryption application to protect information, trade secrets, competitive snooping, financial and legal materials.

Client features

  • Sending encrypted messages via SMS
  • Sending photos and videos via SMS
  • Setting message expiration
  • The device Contact list can be used to select Contacts for easy population of the selected contacts into the EnKryptonite App.
  • Recipient specific Decryption Passcode to prevent unauthorized message access.

Secure your company’s data transmission and communication with EnKryptonite

You can protect your company's information, whether it is a merger, acquisition, sensitive HR communication, personal, or employee data, as well as trade secrets communicated between clients or colleagues. If you need the information safe, EnKryptonite is the way to go.

EnKryptonite is ready for fast and easy deployment for individuals or business group communications.

EnKryptonite requires no capital investment or any kind of network integration.