These days, the EnKryptonite App has become a preferred choice for secure messaging. Many people are using this app to secure their communications. Do you wonder, why they are using this app over other widely popular messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Line? If so, then take a look below for the answer.


Most messaging apps use a single protocol for encryption. The single protocol provides the encryption for instant conversational messages that ensures end-to-end encryption. In end-to-end encryption, the message is converted into a secret message and that can be decoded and read by the final recipient. However, the app does not prevent the collection of data and metadata. This means, the content of messages cannot be read or listened by anyone due to end-to-end encryption but your metadata can be collected. Although, the metadata gives limited amount of data, it can be enough for hackers to reach their target.

On the other hand, using the EnKryptonite app offers a much higher level of secure communication. It offers message encoding that will ensure that sensitive communications are secure and based on both the encryption of sent messages and on the verification of the Sender and Receiver of the messages.

Why switch to EnKryptonite App?

  • Privacy: The messages sent through this app are completely secure and encrypted. It secures your messages from third party access.
  • Fast: The app delivers the messages more quickly than other apps.
  • Free: It is freely available for iOS and Android devices. Even there are no subscription fees.
  • Powerful: No limit on sharing images, videos and text messages.

If this is not enough, the best part of the EnKryptonite platform is that it never controls, receives, or stores the encryption keys or Message Decryption Passcode information anywhere. To encrypt message with password, it is embedded with a message-specific encryption key and Message Decryption Passcode is required for viewing the contents.

Download the free EnKryptonite app from Google Play or App store today and enjoy complete privacy when sharing personal information, images, and videos.

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