Absolutely true. Technology is the main reason behind every cybercrime, whether it is identity theft, banking fraud, leaking of sensitive information, or hacking, technology plays the lead role in such wrongdoings. However, it is the same technology that has answers and solutions to conquer such unlawful possibilities. One such technology is end-to-end encryption to safeguard everything we share, send or save on our systems and mobile devices.

Encryption is a technology that scrambles the data stored on a device so that unauthorized users can’t read the data, and hackers who intercept wireless communications won’t be able to read encrypted data transmitted between mobile devices.

During the encryption process, a special type of algorithm called a cipher makes the text unintelligible to anyone who doesn’t hold the key. The key is a piece of code that interprets, or decrypts, the encrypted data. Most of the time, users need only provide the correct username and password to access the encrypted mobile data. On some devices, users might have to configure the settings that enable encryption themselves, but the actual encrypting and decrypting processes happen behind the scenes.

With such a technology in boom, software, application and hardware developers are integrating end-to-end encryption for their users to provide them the safest platform to communicate and share information that is not intended for any third party to view. From messaging apps to chat apps, email clients and social networks, everyone is now offering complete encryption for whatever is sent or shared, evading anypossibility of back door access or hacking by not storing anything on their servers.

The same goes with the new EnKryptonite app that offers encryption and platforms. Whichever app is in use, EnKryptonite can encrypt messages, electronically shredder images, documents, videos, emails, chats and social posts for the user and only the intended recipient can view the contents of the message. With the EnKryptonite app, there is no server involved, which means there is no possibility of back door access or hacking. No bots, No Clouds, No Saved calls history. The EnKryptonite keyboard encrypts your communications using a Military-grade 512 Bit AES symmetric-key encryption algorithm along with a unique, randomly-generated encryption key.

The EnKryptonite App for Android and iOS is now available to download from Google Play and the App Store.

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