It was just few days ago when the long-awaited EnKryptonite App was launched in Google Play for Android users and since then, the app has been getting a lot of positive feedback from its users. All they wanted was for their personal information to stay private and secure – something that can hide text messages, chats, emails, pictures, videos and more from unauthorized viewing.

Finally, they got the EnKryptonite App, a secure platform to protect and encrypt all communications on mobile devices. Read what they say about the app:

Ryan K. said –

Cool, I just selected three friends on my Facebook to receive a special moment that I sent encrypted. EnKryptonite sent it and I gave them two views each. I didn’t even leave Chattapp to do that, only pressed a lock icon on my keyboard. How cool is that?

Nisa Bennett said –

How sweet!!!!
I sent 8 encrypted photos to my partner and gave him 3 views only. The EnKryptonite shredding feature is unbelievable, Thank youuuuu.

Lokman Schmitz said –

KRAZY! KRAZY! I just pressed an icon on my EnKryptonite app and sent a skinny dip video to my buddies at school. They used their EnKryptonite, too and, there it was – the video of my fun trip. But I only gave them one view before it vanished. Much appreciation EnKryptonite! You saved my behind.

Mike Ferguson said –

We just settled my divorce case. I did not want my partner to find out what I agreed to with my husband. He would have killed me. I asked my lawyer to use EnKryptonite to send it to me. It’s about time there is a way to email without getting busted. U R D best EnKryptonite!

Johnnie Go. Said –

My boss keeps checking my Facebook account. He hates it when I use EnKryptonite to send photos and messages that he cannot read.

Whether it’s a text message, image, video or a file that you need to share, EnKryptonite will help you send it in a highly secure environment. You can use the EnKryptonite app to send emails, pictures, videos, documents, tweets and IMs right from your mobile device with perfect encryption that allows only the intended recipient to view them. Download the app and try it, you will definitely be amazed with the features it offers for complete peace of mind.

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