The dark web is the hidden part of the Internet where secret information is shared secretly. It is an area of the Internet that exists beneath the radar of standard search engines that we normally use in everyday life.

The Dark Web is different from the common Internet that we use. On the dark web, users’ movements are encrypted, making it difficult to trace them. The dark web offers a hidden route to accessing the same sites that can’t be traced back to an IP address. To view the sites, a user needs to download a special browser that re-routes through an intentionally circuitous path, from one server to another.

Not all dark websites are illicit. Some are used for legal purposes, such as for military business, whistle blowing or for people to speak freely in countries where political speech is controlled. It’s also how Internet, communications and businesses store personal information. The dark web ranges from social media sites to secretive corners of encrypted cyberspace.

In the world of the Dark Web, encryption is a way of keeping data secure; a secret key or password is needed to decrypt it. The EnKryptonite Keyboard App offers end-to-end encryption to all communications, no matter which app is used. Whether it is messaging apps, chat apps, email clients or social network apps, the EnKryptonite app can encrypt all messages, chats, emails, pictures, videos and social posts using military-grade encryption technology, Leaving behind No Trace, No History.

  • When you send a message, it is locked in a unique code and is unlocked only when verified on the recipient’s device.
  • Once the message is read, it is automatically erased from your phone.
  • Just set an expiration time for messages and you can also engage in a group chat.
  • It does not store personal data, as no server is involved. Now, you can converse without leaving any trace of it on company servers.
  • Only the sender and recipient can read the messages and they can also set viewing limits on them.
  • You can be engaged in encrypted instant messaging only with other registered EnKryptonite users.
  • It ensures end-to-end encrypted messaging with the ability to control the number of times a message can be viewed by the recipient.

To ensure anonymity on the Dark Web, the EnKryptonite App for Android and iOS is now available to download from Google Play and App Store.

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