The users of mobile devices are increasingly becoming well informed about the security risks of sending unencrypted text messages. Many people need security for their sensitive business communications.

Text Encryption App

To ensure secure communication when using mobile devices, use of EnKryptonite ensures that the content of your messages will remain private and secure. It protects your texts from any unauthorized viewing and also hides them from those who are not meant to view. EnKryptonite app is a revolutionary method to encrypt messages between a sender and its recipient.

The many exceptional features of this app ensures that no other app comes even close to it-

  • Provides military grade encryption upgrade
  • No Actual Phone Number
  • No Financials
  • No Names
  • No Trace
  • Picture/Video shredder
  • Limited option to view
  • Only sender dictates the views
  • Refer a friend for Free Credits
  • Auto history delete option

EnKryptonite app allows users to get military grade end-to-end encryption for their everyday communications. Indeed, this app sends the text message in much secured way. Any message, video or image is encrypted on the device before being sent to the selected recipient. It also employs a multi layered security protocol apart from its military grade encryption.

Download the EnKryptonite app on iOS as well as Android devices from the App Store and the Google Play.

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