For someone involved in unlawful trade practices, for those who discuss and share information on the dark web, or for someone who wants to hide all of the communications with someone in the black market and to stay hidden and inaccessible by any third person, the EnKryptonite app is there to fulfill these needs.

Let’s take an example

You want to know about the price, availability and delivery of an item that falls under the narcotics category from a seller on the dark web, and at the same time, you are worried that your identity and/or the discussion will be hacked. To counter such apprehensions, the EnKryptonite app will do the job and keep every detail secure.

Similarly, in situations when you don’t want your personal information being compromised and getting leaked, EnKryptonite is the aid you can count on. We are talking about private information like Social Security numbers, salary and benefits information, banking updates, home addresses and personal contact information, just to name a few.

The EnKryptonite keyboard encrypts your communications using military-grade 256 Bit AES symmetric-key encryption algorithm with a unique, randomly-generated encryption key. In addition to the secure encryption, the Sender can apply an additional layer of security that includes a message Decryption Passcode to block unauthorized viewing and message destroy settings to limit the number of times a message can be viewed.

The encrypted communication is then pasted onto the application in use at the time – be it social media platforms, email, chat messages or company network communications. Unlike most chat encryption apps that force you to exit a social platform to use their chat-to-chat process, with EnKryptonite you can remain in whatever social platform you are using and simply encrypt, paste and send encrypted messages across that platform to the recipient. The encrypted message is then presented as random characters to the recipient within the application in which the message was sent. The recipient is then able to decrypt and view the message through the use of the EnKryptonite keyboard.

EnKryptonite establishes a secure relationship between the message sender and their keyboard to the message receiver and their EnKryptonite keyboard. Both parties involved in the process of sending and receiving encrypted messages are authenticated, and messages between them remain between them. Each layer of security applied to the sending, receiving and decryption exponentially increases the level of security. The device vetting, the keyboard validation, the Sender and Receiver keyboard relationship and the Message Decryption Passcode combined with the applied 256 Bit AES symmetric-key message encryption, protects your sensitive communications while allowing the flexibility to use the encryption technology across platform-independent communication mediums.

The app ensures no possibility of tracing or hacking the communications at any stage because no text communication is stored on company servers. Thus, to try this free app, you can download it on your Android or iOS device from Google Play or App Store.

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