You already know that now you can send encrypted messages, pictures and videos to the intended recipient by using the EnKryptonite app. With the option to enhance security with military grade encryption, you can eventually add an extra layer of protection to your personal communications. The EnKryptonite app is also integrated with an Auto Delete History feature that makes all the communications untraceable.

EnKryptonite App

The Auto History Delete option allows the user to stay fully protected by not showing any names, numbers, texts, photos or videos that had been sent by the user from his Smartphone. This means that if the user’s phone is lost, confiscated or subjected to hacking, there will nothing to be discovered, as there is no history of communications that happened using the EnKryptonite app.

To use this feature while using the app, a user needs to select the checkbox next to ‘Hide Sender History’ while encrypting a message before sending it to the recipient. Apart from this, a user can also upgrade the level of security by assigning a 6-digit Military Grade Security Code to the message. The recipient needs to know the 6-digit code to decrypt and view the message content. In addition to these security features, the app has an innovative Destroy Message Rule that allows the sender of the message to set the number of times the message can be viewed by the recipient after decrypting it.

EnKryptonite is the only true and purely private app in the world that ensures ultimate privacy and security of text message communications over all the versions of Android or iOS based devices. Other than securing text messages, the app can be used for sending up to 10 images and a video in a single message in encrypted form.

Now a user can send messages without worrying about message history. There will be no trace or no history left behind. Once the user has downloaded the app, it just needs to register the device by using mobile number or email. Initially, all the users are given 25 free credits to send the encrypted messages. Once the free tryout is over, a user can purchase additional credits available right through the app. For 100 message credits, it will cost $.99 and for unlimited message credits for one year, it will cost $2.99. A user can also get 25 free credits by sharing the app using the referral code.

The EnKryptonite app is available to download at the App Store and the Google Play.

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