How EnKryptonite works

The EnKryptonite application encrypts your communications using military grade 512 bit AES symmetric-key encryption algorithm with a unique, randomly generated encryption key. In addition to EnKryptonite's secure encryption, the Sender can apply an additional layer of security that includes a message Decryption Passcode to block unauthorized viewing and message destroy settings to limit the number of times a message can be viewed. The encrypted message is then presented as random characters to the recipient within the SMS application. The recipient is then able to decrypt and view the message through the use of the EnKryptonite application.

EnKryptonite establishes a secure relationship between the message sender and the message receiver. Both parties involved in the process of sending and receiving encrypted messages are authenticated and messages between them remain between them. Each layer of security applied to the sending, receiving and decryption exponentially increases the level of security. The device vetting, the validation, the Sender and Receiver relationship and the Message Decryption Passcode combined with the applied 512 bit AES symmetric-key message encryption, protects your sensitive communications while allowing the flexibility to use the encryption technology across platform independent communication medium.

How messages are sent?

The Sender and Receiver of encrypted messages, as well as their devices in use, are validated prior to establishing a one on one communication relationship. Once established and validated, an encrypted message can be sent across the SMS application. The receiver of the encrypted message, through the use of the EnKryptonite app, decrypts the message and displays it in the proprietary viewer of EnKryptonite.

How to prevent a communication breach

Keeping your sensitive communications secure is not only based on the encryption of sent messages, but also based on the verification of the Sender and Receiver of the messages. To ensure the integrity and security of it users, the EnKryptonite platform does not receive, store or transmit encrypted messages. When sending a message, the platform merely validates that the Sender has an account that would allow his or her device to encrypt a message. Once the Sender transmits the encrypted message through an SMS across the platform in use and before allowing the Receiver to view the message, the EnKrypyonite platform validates that the Receiver has an active account. The platform never controls, receives or stores the encryption keys or Message Decryption Passcode information. The encrypted messages are embedded with its message specific encryption key and Message Decryption Passcode required to view the contents. The Receiver(s) application then validates the security rules that have been applied to the message by the sender. If the receiver is unable to provide required security they are unable to view the message.

Rest assured – messages are never stored

Sent and delivered messages remain in encrypted form until the associated device keyboard decrypts the message. The messages are then displayed on the keyboards viewing window. Their associated encrypted, decryption Key is embedded within the encrypted message which is tracked to the Sender and Receivers device serial numbers with its own unique UDID serial number. In order for the Receiver to decrypt and display the sent message, the receiver must first have an active, vetted account associated with his or her device's UDID serial number. Additionally, for more secure messages, the Sender can require the Receiver to enter a message-specific or Receiver-specific set of one or two digit numbers Decryption Passcode. These decryption rules are embedded within the EnKryptonite app and are applied during encryption. The EnKryptonite keyboard decrypts the sent message, reads the Senders viewing rules that requires a message Decryption Passcode prior to allowing the message to view within the keyboards proprietary viewing window.

EnKryptonite Conditions Checklist

EnKryptonite Messaging

The exclusive EnKryptonite application makes encrypted messaging unique. The fact that you can live your life and choose to encrypt a text message using EnKryptonite makes it the most viable, secure, user-friendly method for digital communication. EnKryptonite only maintains a database of user accounts and their registered devices, by verification and securely storing a user's registration credential.

EnKryptonite mediates communications between its users and their associated devices, but does not store any private or secret keys, making it hack free. Unlike existing encryption service providers, messages do not pass through the company's servers. The Senders simply send the encrypted messages directly to the service provider. Unlike traditional encryption applications, there is no need for a message to be stored in order to be delivered to the Receiver. It is simply sent by the Sender to the Receiver like any other SMS.

Each user must register their account and their device by completing a verification step that ensures that they are in possession of the device. EnKryptonite will generate a verification number that will be sent to the applicant either through email or SMS which then must be entered into each device in order to begin sending or receiving encrypted messages.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

The EnKryptonite application is available on iOS or Android operating platforms at the App Store and Google Play. Following the download of the application, the user is required to register their device. When a user desires to send and conduct a secure encrypted communication, they select the Encrypt optoin, select the message Contact or recipient, and proceed to type their message.