By this time, we all know that the EnKryptonite keyboard is a mobile app that would help you to keep all of your chats, messages, emails, images, files and videos hidden and secure. It offers end-to-end military-grade encryption to protect your privacy and communications. Therefore, in order to start using the app on your mobile device and begin the encrypted communications, here is a short guide that would help you to activate the app and start using it.

  • If you are an Android device user, you can download the EnKryptonite app from the Google Play. For the users of the iPhones and iOS devices, the app is available to download from the App Store.
  • Once set, you can now launch the app and proceed with the registration information that requires your phone number and email to validate.
  • You will be receiving the registration code through SMS or Email to activate the app.
  • After downloading and installing the app on your device, you need to set the app as default keyboard to use from your phone’s settings under language and inputs settings.
  • Before you can start encrypted communication, you need to add contacts to the EnKryptonite app from your address book. Here you can also set the number of times a message can be viewed by the contact.
  • To communicate in encrypted way, the recipient of your communications must also have the EnKryptonite keyboard app installed on his/her device.
  • Next, you can now start using any chat apps or any other app for communicating and as soon as you tap to write a message, the EnKryptonite keyboard will pop out. To encrypt a message, you need tap on the ‘lock’ icon given on the keyboard.
  • Then, any message you type will be sent as a string of uneven characters and symbols to the recipient that cannot be understood by anyone just by seeing to it.
  • The recipient has to tap the message to copy and a new window will pop up to show the message in decrypted form.
  • The number of messages send uses credits and the remaining credits can also be viewed within the keyboard.

At first, using the app might take some time but after initial set up and using it a couple of times, end-to-end encryption becomes possible for all of your communications through the EnKryptonite App.

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