Whether you own a business, work as a professional, or are an individual who shares personal messages, everyone wants to make sure that their day-to-day communications stay secure and not get into the hands of those who might misuse the information. So, to safeguard personal communications and ensure peace of mind for Smartphone users, EnKryptonite, a patented keyboard app, provides a means for the millions of Smartphone users to apply military-grade encryption to their everyday communications.

Image / Video / File Sharing

  • On iOS, users can share images (max 10) and video (max 1 limited to 20 MB)
  • On Android, users can share images (max 10), video (max 1 limited to 20 MB) and files (max 1 limited to 10 MB)

The content is stored on the server and an encrypted message will be received by the recipient. When decrypted, the recipient will automatically be able to see the images, videos and files on their devices. These images, videos and files are not encrypted as such but are uploaded in parts, so, even in case of a packet sniffing on the network level, nothing fruitful can be interpreted.

The EnKryptonite app is ready for fast and easy deployment and requires no capital investment or any kind of network integration. This is a pay-as-you go solution to control your data integrity. So, how exactly does Enkryptonite encrypt communications and put a mobile user in a safer environment?

The Technology

The EnKryptonite app encrypts your communications using military-grade 512 Bit AES symmetric-key encryption algorithm along with a unique, randomly-generated encryption key. Other than this encryption, the sender can also add additional layers of security including application Security Passcodes and a Message Decryption Passcode to block unapproved viewing and message destroy settings to limit the number of times a message can be viewed.

The Encryption

The encrypted information is pasted onto the application being used at the time on social networks, email, chats, text messages, and company network communications or most notably, dating sites. Thereafter, the encrypted message is shown as random characters to the recipient within the application to which the message was sent. The receiver is then able to decrypt and view the message through the use of the EnKryptonite app.

The Communication

The app establishes a secure connection between the message sender and his keyboard to the message receiver and his EnKryptonite keyboard. For both parties, encrypted messages are authenticated and messages sent between them maintain a valid user and device keyboard relationship.

The Security

Each layer of security applied to the sending, receiving and decryption, exponentially increases the level of security. The device vetting, the keyboard validation, the Sender and Receiver keyboard relationship and the Message Decryption Passcode combined with the applied 512-bit AES symmetric-key message encryption, protects your sensitive communications while allowing the flexibility to use the encryption technology.

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