When it comes to protecting all of your communications from being leaked and falling into the hands of an unintended person, the only way to avoid this anxiety and ensure the security of your personal information and data is by using the EnKryptonite keyboard app.

Providing military-grade encryption to communications occurring from a mobile device, this patented keyboard app will secure everthing you send and share across any platform. After downloading and installing the app from the respective store for an Android or iOS device, tap the icon to start the app.

  • A welcome screen is followed by another screen that requires the user to register the device with EnKryptonite through a one-time process via SMS or email.The EnKryptonite app requires its users and devices to be authenticated to ensure that messages can only be decrypted by active EnKryptonite users.The textual messages are never created, stored or transferred on the EnKryptonite servers. Only the user authentication and profile resides on the company’s servers.

  • After registering the device, setup the EnKryptonite keyboard as your default keyboard from the device’s settings menu. Users must follow the installation instructions as per their Android or iPhone devices. To add extra layers of security, a user can define a decryption passcode for the recipient that requires the recipient to decrypt the encrypted message with a secondary passcode in order to view a message. Without a secondary decryption passcode, the recipient cannot view the contents of the message.

  • After setting up the default keyboard, the user has to add a recipient(s) into the EnKryptonite contacts list, than assign messaging rules such as; a decryption passcode and setting the message viewing limit.A user can also create a group of contacts that allows the keyboard to send an encrypted message to all the users in that group.

  • Next comes sending an encrypted message to a contact. Open your desired chat app; tap to enter text to communicate with a contact, and the EnKryptonite keyboard pops open. Tap on the padlock icon on the keyboard and select the contact from the EnKryptonite contacts list. Start typing the message and when you are done, tap the send button of the EnKryptonite app. The encrypted message will be pasted on the chat app waiting to be sent. Tap the chat app’s send button.

  • The receiver will get a new message notification and will show the message in encrypted form. Message decryption occurs only on the message receiver’s device within the EnKryptonite keyboard.The recipient can decrypt the message only if he/she has the EnKryptonite app installed on their device.

  • Images and videos are shredded by the senders’ keyboard app and never stored or sent assembled. The point-to-point method used totransport images and videos is itself secure, so combined with shredding of the images and videos ensures the data is being sent securely.

  • New users are credited with 25 free message encryption credits. Message credits are required to encrypt and send a message. Receiving and decrypting a message does not consume a message credit. The Padlock on the keyboard displays the number of message credits remaining to be used by the user. Additional credits can be purchased within the EnKryptonite app. Users can also earn credits through a referral bonus.

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