With the growing instances of personal data security breaches and the leak of private communications, it is vital to protect your personal communications and data while sending and sharing files with others. Thus, the need to use a cross-platform encryption technology, especially for mobile devices, has become crucial. Moreover, if you aren’t using an encryption tool to protect the information you share, you are exposing your personal data and risking information and data theft.

No matter the purpose, encrypted communications are extremely important for individuals and businesses. So, to address all of the concerns about information security and communicating in a protected way, the new EnKryptonite App allows encrypted messages to be sent between users with an encryption keyboard without jeopardizing the leak of private information.

In simple terms, the EnKryptonite App is ideal for:

  • People who are uncomfortable with their private messages being viewed by anyone other than the intended recipient.
  • In financial institutions or the banking sector, it can protect messages that routinely contain client authentication codes, credentials, account balances, and payment confirmation codes.
  • For legal professionals like lawyers, consultants, financial advisors and investment bankers, this app can help to ensure the protection of sensitive information among business partners and clients.
  • For people involved in providing healthcare services, EnKryptonite can help them to maintain HIPPA compliance related to patient confidentiality regulations.

The exclusive EnKryptonite Keyboard App applies military-grade encryption to the content of your message. This keyboard is platform-independent and allows secure encryption across whichever media is in use. Use EnKryptonite as an effective tool to keep your personal communication secure and private. The EnKryptonite application, with its exclusive keyboard, is a groundbreaking means of securing communication between mobile devices.

Moreover, it allows users to encrypt and transmit messages across whatever third-party application they happen to be communicating on at that moment. The result is a true cross-platform method of encryption you can use and trust to keep your private stuff private. The EnKryptonite App is now available to download on Android and iOS devices from Google Play and App Store.

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