In today’s highly-connected world, where we easily make a phone call, chat, share data or send a message with sensitive business and personal information, it is vital to protect vulnerable mobile communications at all times. This is achieved through the EnKryptonite app that provides security and privacy by encrypting text messages, images, videos, documents, chats and emails on Android, as well as iPhones.

Encryption is not a new concept; it’s probably been used since the inception of communication. In simple terms, encryption is the conversion of information into a form that can’t be easily understood by unauthorized people. This form is commonly referred to as a ciphertext, or more commonly, a cipher.

When data is encrypted, it can be sent to recipients, usually using normal transmission methods such as Internet or data connections. Upon receipt of the encrypted data, it needs to be decrypted and is done using a key. This key is an algorithm that can understand both the encryption and normal data. It takes the encrypted data and essentially translates it to a form of data we can read or interact with.

Many businesses go to great lengths to ensure their data is encrypted both within the network, when sent among the network, or to trusted recipients outside the network. Thus, the EnKryptonite app has made it possible to encrypt all communications taking place on a mobile device through a patented keyboard app. The app offers the ultimate level of security and privacy to users at all times. With the EnKryptonite app, once can expect –


EnKryptonite provides end-to-end 512-bit AES encryption, ensuring meaningful communication is only accessible to the initiator and intended recipient and never left unencrypted.

No Trace Encryption Application

EnKryptonite is compatible with Android and iOS to encrypt all the communication and information exchanged between devices.

Ease of Use

EnKryptonite is simple to deploy and use. It is available for download from app stores including iTunes, and Google Play. Once the application is downloaded and minimal configuration completed, EnKryptonite is available for use. To send an encrypted message, simply open the EnKryptonite app and send a message.

The EnKryptonite app is free to download from Google Play and App Stores.

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