Do Not Risk Invasion of Privacy

The EnKryptonite application will transform your daily life into a secured one. It protects you wherever and whenever you communicate. Text messaging will be hidden from unauthorized viewing.

Text Messaging Encryption - Its Revolutionary!

The EnKryptonite application is a revolutionary method to encrypt communication between mobile devices. It enables encrypted text messages to be sent between users without risking the leak of confidential or private communications. It is revolutionary because it allows users to encrypt and transmit text messages, photos and video across iOS and Android devices. The result, is a true cross platform method of encryption you can use to keep your private stuff private. Download the Android or iOS versions to your devices today to enjoy an anxiety free communication line and reclaim your privacy.

Why you should use EnKryptonite?
  • • Encrypt sensitive financial or medical information communications
  • • Encrypt trade secrets and invention data
  • • Encrypt legal and or sealed private communique not designed for the public eyes
  • • Encrypt personal messages between dating couples
  • • Encrypt communications covered by attorney client privilege
  • • Encrypt intimate messages from prying eyes
  • • Share personal photos and video



Who should use EnKryptonite?

Banking sector

Protect messages that routinely contain client authentication codes, credentials, account balances, payment confirmation codes.

Heath care

Maintain HIPAA compliance related to patient confidentiality regulations.

Dating couples sharing personalized messages

Protection against unauthorized messages, photos and video viewing or the ramifications of extortion or condemnation.

Legal Professionals, financial advisors

Professionals within these fields; lawyers, consultants, financial advisors and investment bankers often share sensitive information among business partners and clients. Encrypted communications in these instances is prudent.

Military grade Cryptography

EnKryptonite uses the same encryption methods and protocols used by militaries worldwide.

No Message Storage

There is no fear of your written messages being decrypted or stolen from company servers. The message content never passes through the company servers. For that reason, they can never be stolen and the unencrypted content cannot be retrieved from the company servers. When images, videos and documents are sent across the Enkryptonite network they are digitally shredder and temporarily held prior to transmission to the recipient in a non-viewable state. Once received by the recipient the shredded items are reassembled within the EnKryptonite app but never stored.

Secure Communications

You can now send encrypted text messages, photos and video among devices utilizing EnKryptonite's Smartphone application which is currently available on both iOS and Android devices.